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Learning Tarot Minors Arcana

Meanings of the Minor Arcana in the Tarot

The minor mysteries complete the sense of the major arcana by the reflection of the daily acts. If the major cards schematize the world of the effects, the minors talks us on the causes.

They stand out in four series representing four elements, respectively : the Water (Cups), the Fire (Wands), the Air (Swords), the Earth (Coins).


- CUPS essentially affect the emotional side of being, the relationships we have with others and the Inner Self by way of intuition or imagination.

- WANDS symbolize the intelligence. The possibilities or the difficulties that the individual has to dominate the material and sublimate it thanks to his mind.

- SWORDS indicate the fight and the pitfalls which the individual will have to face during his journey. The tempestuous bustles of the element Air urge to react by the action.

- COINS represent the possibilities, the necessities or the risks bound up with the material values (material assets).




- Aces (active) and provide accomplishment or beginning.

- Two : bring a notion of duality either of conflict or alliance and harmony.

- Three : the movement, the departure , the creation. An opportunity to complete a project.

Four (passive) : symbol of square, they represent the stability, the realization.

- Five : indicate fast changes, evolution. Role of mediator.

- Six : meeting of two opposite indicating the doubt, the hesitation, a choice to do .

- Seven : the conception and the realization. Balance, mastery, crowning.

- Eight : transformation, fate, wisdom, death.

- Nine : initiation, fullfilment, to be at its height.

- Ten : renewal, a crossroad, What goes around comes around, the wheel of fortune keeps turning round.


The court cards

- The PAGES (passive), announces a still not exploited potentiality.

- The KNIGHTS (active), are setting up ideas. A likely passage in the action is announced by their mobilities.

- The QUEENS, feminine and fertile principle, assures a creation realized with wisdom and calm.

- The KINGS : realizes and dominates. Complementary to the queens, kings are the representatives of the principle of strength.

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